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Essential Oils have been used over thousands of years for health, wellbeing and beauty.

Although use of plants as a medicine dates back as far as 18,000BC some of the first people to use essential oils on regular basis were the Egyptians who used them for medicine, bathing, make up, rituals, perfume amongst many other uses.

Essential oils have also been used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Indians and the 3000 year old Ayurvedic medicine system has essential oils at its roots.

Essential Oils are so versatile and their health benefits are amazing.

The oils can help with sleep conditions, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances and many other health conditions as well as just being used for general wellness by having the scents around the house.

They can be used in numerous ways such as in oil burners, diffusers, added to baths, used in cleaning products and used in massage.

The different oils have different qualities and we have explained a few of the conditions under each oil to help you.

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Reasons to choose Organic

In our opinion it is very important that you choose an Organic Essential Oil as you are inhaling them and using them directly on your skin. Any chemicals used in the production of the oils can lessen the quality of the products and counter the health benefits of the oils. 

It is also worth baring in mind that essential oils differ in quality, sometimes vastly and are sometimes diluted. This is normally indicated by the price of the product and if you look around you will see oils ranging in price from £2 or £3 right up to £20 for the same quantity of what is supposed to be the same product. 

Our advice is to just be aware of this and find a product you are happy with. You will generally use less of a product that is not diluted so a cheap product is not necessarily better value.

Our Oils

All of our Essential oils are 100% pure, organic and are of the highest quality. The aromas from the oils are amazing. 

It's difficult to recommend any particular oil as they all have their own strengths and benefits but the aromas from the Ylang Ylang Oil is stunning as are Geranium and Clary Sage and in an oil burner or diffuser these oils leave the house smelling divine.

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